Ways in which Biodot® Skin Thermometers can be used in managing stress

Relaxation training.

Biodot® Skin Thermometers are particularly useful in biofeedback during relaxation training and for motivating and providing reassurance to the user that they are achieving relaxation and tension reduction.

Biodot® Skin Thermometers are a very effective tool for use in relaxation training. A change in colour of the Biodot® towards the blue/violet end of the colour scale from the colour of the Biodot® at the start of the exercise indicates a more relaxed state. Since the person is in the same room environment for the duration of the exercise the room temperature itself will not have any effect on the skin blood flow; changes in colour are due to the change in stress response activity.

Use of Biodot® in relaxation training provides feedback to the individual that the relaxation exercise they have undertaken has helped them to achieve a state of relaxation. This can be a great motivator for regular practice. If the Biodot® does not change colour then encouragement and further advice may be necessary from the trainer. Teaching relaxation at a distance by written instruction or audio instruction is not easy. Using Biodot® Skin Thermometers can facilitate the learning process and provide confirmation to the user that they have achieved a state of relaxation.

Demonstration of the physiology of a stress response.

Show how changes in skin blood flow occur during stressful events. A good way to demonstrate the effect of anger on the body.

Promotion of stress and stress management initiatives in a group and organization.

Biodot® Skin Thermometers generate much interest amongst groups and within organisations. This interest can be used to promote stress and stress management initiatives. Use of Biodots soon spreads as everyone asks "What colour is your Biodot?". "Where did you get that dot?". 

This interest in Biodots can also be used by the staff to broach stress issues with their boss and colleagues that they may not have been comfortable in doing beforehand.

Campaigns and Health Fairs

Biodot® Skin Thermometers have been used successfully in a Road Safety leaflet designed with the Local Authority Road Safety Officers Association aimed to help passengers deal with their fears and stresses of their driver’s behaviour. Biodot® Skin thermometers are included with the leaflet for the passenger to wear whilst being driven.

Tell us about your use, tips and experience of using Biodot®

In our experience, and the experience of many thousands of users, the Biodot® is a very useful tool for managing stress. If you would like to tell us, and others, of the way you use Biodots then click here to send us your comments, tips, advice and views.